Buenos Boys Gay Video

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Sometimes a phone call can change your life. It happened to me. It was late one evening when my telephone rang, bringing an unexpected invitation from a friend—he had moved to Argentina to live with his boyfriend, who promptly dumped him right on the eve of his two-week vacation from work. "If you can pay your plane fare, I'll take care of everything else—you'll have a two week vacation in Argentina!" he pleaded, throwing in an offer for everything but the kitchen sink to sweeten the pot.
I hemmed and hawed. It was, after all, a friend in need, and I had the money for the ticket…. but it seemed such an extravagance, and I had never really thought about Argentina before. But then he added the kicker: "The guys here are out of this world! I'm telling you, once you see them, you won't want to leave!"
Jump-cut to me on a plane.

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