Antonio Da Silva Brazil Solos + Extras

In January 2016 I went back to Brazil to produce a new film. During this trip I had the opportunity to experience the culture and to meet many amazing Brazilian men who showed interest in collaborating with me.

Thanks to Brazil's rich culture, I was able to produce three new short films: Brazil Solos, Brazil Jungle and Brazil Carnival
Brazil Solos is the first film to be release from this trilogy.

Brazil Solos interviews 30 Brazilian men. They are all naked, relaxed and excited. They talk about the diversity in Brazil, their fantasies, the Cariocas, the butt, the hipper sexualisation of the black man and much more… All are sexually attracted to other men and very sexually active despite the fact that they live in a very conservative and religious country.

Total size: 2.0 GB in 7 files.