Dink Presents – Sebastian Woods

Release Year: 2021
Studio: ActiveDuty

This is a very exciting day for me and It's been a long time coming. Recently I traded in the tractor and the Carhartt coveralls for my more spiffy Tommy Bahama leisure wear. I hopped in the Jaguar and headed for the alluring lights of my local Walmart. Some of you know that when I sold Active Duty I bought a farm in my home state of North Carolina. I'm sure man of you are saying, 'Why, bitch?' and I understand completely. If there was ever anyone who seemed less suited for hoeing the rows, it would certainly be me. Now, hoeing in a completely different sense of the term would be right up my alley. More along the lines of whoring like a hooker on shore leave, that is. In fact, in recent months, I thought about that everyday out there on the farm. I spent a lot of time thinking about the old days. The days of Active Duty and all the fun we had. And, for those of you who remember me, I thought a lot about you, too! I missed the camaraderie that we'd built here over the 17 years that I dedicated to the mission that would define Active Duty. The mission was simple really. To create a place where military men and those who loved, admired and lusted after them could come together and feel part of something greater than themselves.

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