Ivan D

Studio: Active Duty

Ivan D is a big muscular man who spends quality time in the gym and hes on a very strict diet. Hes glad he can finally get a break and rest up on our bed to show off all his goods. Ivan doesnt waste any time as he begins to take his clothes off. His wide chest and amazing body are amazing to look at as he strokes his uncut cock. His dick his huge hard and very veiny and he loves to stroke it slowly showing off every inch of his sexy dick. Once Ivan stands up and continues to stroke his dick you can see his full balls from underneath and his firm thighs quiver as he masturbates for us. Ivan once again makes himself comfortable on our bed and he spreads his smooth sexy legs as he slides his manly hands up and down his throbbing shaftYou can only jack off for so long and the time has come for Ivan to release his balls and with a few more long strokes and one last loud moan Ivan lets his cum shoot out his beautiful cock and onto his well built body.

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Introducing: Suspense – Suspense

Release Year: 2009
Genres: Big Dick ,Solo/Auditions ,Straight Boy
Video language: English

Suspense is a cute college freshman who wanted to make some extra spending money before school lets out for the summer, and figured that showing off his hot teenage body for a horny gay audience could be a fun and easy way to earn it.
Watch as i meet suspense for the very first time and guide him through his "audition" to be in my movies. When you see what this kid is hiding under his jeans, i think you'll be as grateful as i am that he's willing to bare it all for the world to see!
Suspense explains that he was given his nickname because people never know what he's going to say or do next - and it's a nickname that definitely suits him!
I've been making movies for well over a year now, and i can honestly say that i've never filmed anyone as unique and difficult to describe as suspense. He describes himself as a mix between a "thug" and a "nerd," something i haven't encountered before. He brags about being a "bad boy" who likes to drink, smoke weed, and party, but at the same time he comes across as a wholesome "boy next door" with a slightly nerdy side who runs track, plays basketball, and attends church on a regular basis.

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Nicholas Sykes

Studio: Active Duty

Dirk lets him go at it once hes all comfortable. Nicholas Sykes gets naked and begins stroking his meaty cock in the chair. He loves to talk dirty while he strokes his hard dick. His ink and sexy fit body add to all the beauty this dedicated soldier has. He moves to the bed where he continues to stroke and plays with his big thick cock. Dirk tells him to assume the position and so he does. Nicholas bends over and spreads his legs so we all can get a good look at his sexy tight virgin hole. He listens to every command from Dirk and when hes done he flips back over and continues to play with his balls while he tugs on every inch of his big dick. You know the climax is coming when you see Nicholas start to stroke his cock faster than anything youve ever seen before. His hands are quick firm and dont let go until his cum starts to spray in every direction covering a vast area. Nicholas probably has one of the sexiest cum shots we have seen to date.

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Naked Muscles

Release Year: 2002
Studio: Colt Studio Group Colt Studio Group- Buckhost Production
Cast: Mark Bradshaw, Ed Dinakos , J.D. Amos Thor , Chet O'Rorak , Franco Corelli ... More
Genres: Cumshot, Masturbation, Muscles, eksbitsionizm, Voyeur

Eight titles, with the hottest, sexiest hardbodies Colt has seen. If you like them Big, (Muscles) that is ... here they are!

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Cody Cummings Private Office

Studio: NextDoor

Cody Cummings has been a bit off the radar for a while, but hes back in the spotlight and rubbing one out of that perfect piece, from his private office. Enjoy!

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Liam Daniels

Studio: Active Duty

Once Dirks introduction is over he has Laim take his shirt off and pull his cock out through his pants. Liam doesnt waste any time and begins stroking his dick. It becomes harder and harder and than he takes his pants and boots off to make himself more comfortable. Laim has a great slim body and his youth screams forward as he strokes that young beautiful soldier dick. Dirk has Liam get on the bed to show off his body and sweet sexy firm ass. Dirk tells him to bend over and spread his ass for his and he does. Liam grabs both cheeks revealing his tight hairy hole and you can see his balls hanging in the balance. Liam turns back over and spreads his legs while he continues to beat his cock. Liams balls are full and as he lies on his back stroking his hard cock he yells out to Dirk that he is going to empty his balls. Dirk tells him to go for it and so Liam shoot his warm creamy load all over his smooth young chest.

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Sean Lawrence

Studio: Colt

As all Colt Hairy Chested Men, Colt Man Sean Lawrence doesnt disappoint! With his rock-hard abs, tight muscled body, bubble butt and fat uncut cock, hairy stud Sean Lawrence is every Colt fans wet dream! Sean makes a wonderful first impression in his Colt debut. In the privacy of his home, Seans intense sexual energy fills the screen. He really knows how to give you the look of sex and ceases every moment on screen to give you, the viewer a pleasing and very satisfying show! Opening up to the camera, Sean displays not only a truly gifted piece of uncut manhood, but also a Colt-perfect hair pattern on his tanned and muscled body. He strokes his fat, uncut cock and shows off his man-butt until his man-juice surges in a stream of white hot cum for the world to see. Colt Man Sean Lawrence gives a great first impression indeed and he is truly a welcome addition to the Colt Stable of Men.

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Duration: 32:50
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